DoubleCheck Spam Virus Email Manager Gateway

"Stop Email Spam and Viruses with DoubleCheck"

Virus Check

  • Check every message for viruses using brand-name anti-virus software.
  • Automatically updates virus signatures.
  • Notify the administrator of virus status and history using a web interface.
  • Silent Virus and Advanced Notification Support to eliminate false notification on email worms.

Virus Protection

Virus Reporting

  • Virus Logs and Reports can be run to show virus detections, patterns, top viruses, senders and recipients.  All hyperlinked entries in the virus log are searchable.
  • Virus Reports break down top virus senders, domains, recipients and viruses.


  • Trend Charts can show spikes in Virus Activity and other email anomalies.


Save Money, Improve Productivity and Document Your ROI with the DoubleCheck Email Manager 

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