DoubleCheck Spam Virus Email Manager Gateway

"Stop Email Spam and Viruses with DoubleCheck"

Spam Protection

  • Tiered Thresholds allow you to tag, quarantine, and delete and various scoring levels.
  • SMTP Level RBL Checking reduces spam traffic 30-50% before ever getting to the mail queue.
  • Over 800 heuristic weighted rules identify spam at the 95%+ level.
  • Global Bayesian Classification with Auto-Learning.
  • Network tests such as Razor2, Pyzor and DCC are supported.
  • Auto-Whitelisting learns sender tendencies to help reduce false positives and false negatives.
  • Addition of Bad Sender and Bad Recipient Rules can be done with a single click from the Email and Spam Reports.
  • Granular SMTP Access Rules allows Relaying, DNS Checking, RBL Checking, and Spam Checking to all be turned on or off on a per-IP or per-subnet level.
  • Automatic Spam Engine and Rule updates.

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Spam Configuration

  • Spam preferences can be set at the Global, Per-Domain, or Per-User levels.
  • User settings override Domain settings, and Domain settings override Global settings.
  • Each Domain or User can set their own Whitelists and Blacklists.  Whitelists and Blacklists will carry from the top down, so setting a global whitelist will apply to all domains and all users.  Setting a per-domain whitelist will apply to all users at that domain.

Spam Reporting

  • Raw logs contain pertinent header information for each email.  All hyperlinked entries in the color coded logs can be clicked for quick searching.

  • Spam Reports break down Top Senders, Top Domain, and Top Recipients for easy one-click creation of Bad Sender/Recipient Rules, Whitelists, or Blacklists.
  • Trend Charts and Graphs give a graphical representation of email flow based on the time period specified.


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