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DoubleCheck allows you web-based, real-time access to email statistics, graphs and logs so you can optimize your systems. Please review our Logging, Monitoring and Reporting Summary to see how DoubleCheck documents your email traffic.

In addition to the reports listed below, DoubleCheck now includes:

  • Real-Time Cost Savings Calculator (use system data to document ROI)
  • Trend Analysis Charts (configurable pie, bar and line charts)
  • Custom Database Search (24 criteria fields)

Within DoubleCheck, you can easily log, monitor and report on the following information:

Overall Email Statistics

  • Total Email Messages since Start-up
  • Email Today
  • Average Email/Day
  • Top Email Senders (configurable)
  • Top Email Recipients (configurable)
  • Logs of individual email messages

Overall Spam Statistics

  • Total Spam Messages since Start-up
  • Spam Today
  • Average Spam/Day
  • Top Spam Senders (configurable)
  • Top Spam Recipients (configurable)
  • Logs of individual spam messages

Overall Virus Statistics 

  • Total Viruses Found since Start-up
  • Viruses Found Today
  • Average Viruses/Day
  • Top Virus Senders (configurable)
  • Top Virus Recipients (configurable)
  • Logs of individual virus messages

Trend Analysis

  • Queue Distribution by date
  • Total Distribution by date
  • Trend Charts by period

MRTG Monitoring Graphs

  • Network and Disks (Traffic Load; % Used)
  • CPU Load (User vs. Idle; Total Usage)
  • Email - Messages (Spam Filter; # of Emails; Message Status; Bytes)
  • Email - SMTP (Concurrency; Local/Remote; SMTP Totals; Queue Size)


Save Money, Improve Productivity and Document Your ROI with the DoubleCheck Email Manager 

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