DoubleCheck Product Overview

DoubleCheck helps you better manage and secure your email using the following features and tools:

  • Anti-Spam Engine

  • Anti-Virus Engine

  • Anti-Phishing Engine (v4.2)

  • Policy/Content Filtering Engine

  • SMTP Management

  • Recipient Verification with LDAP Integration (v4.2)

  • Logging and Reporting

  • Inbound and Outbound Scanning

  • Outbound Signatures and Disclaimers

Solutions are available for two user levels:

  • "1-250 Users" - For up to 250 users. Available in tower, rack and software-only configurations.
  • "250+ Users" - Available in tower, rack and software-only configurations.
  • "ASP/Hosted Services" - Available based on the configuration and offering of our Authorized DoubleCheck Resellers.

Systems are generously licensed by "email users," those individuals who send and receive email. You do not need to count reasonable aliases such as "sales@" or "info@."

Systems are sized by throughput. In general, tower systems process an average of 1,250 queue messages per hour, while rack systems process 2,000 queue messages per hour. These numbers do not include spam and can spike to 50% more on occasion. Please contact eFolder or an Authorized DoubleCheck Reseller for sizing specifics.

The software-only version of DoubleCheck installs on 3rd-party hardware, converting the system into an "appliance." The installation includes the operating system and all components of DoubleCheck.

Additionally, DoubleCheck is available as an ASP/Hosted solution for businesses that host mail for multiple organizations or who do not want to install the email appliance. Contact eFolder or an Authorized DoubleCheck Reseller for details.

Each solution offers an inexpensive way to add layered security to your network and email users. Justification and ROI calculations are straightforward. Technical support is available through an
Annual Maintenance Contract.

The DoubleCheck Email Manager is typically installed between the firewall and the email server (see Fig. 1 below). Incoming email is either blocked, tagged, quarantined, deleted, rejected or delivered cleanly to users. (see Fig. 2 below)

DoubleCheck's Admin Console is easy to setup and configure, in addition to leveraging powerful monitoring and logging tools for reporting.

Fig. 1: Typical Configuration

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The DoubleCheck Email Manager combines spam and antivirus checking into one economical and easily-managed product.

Table 1: DoubleCheck Features and Specifications

Key Features and Specifications

System Configuration

Network appliance, Software or ASP options

Tower system (Celeron 2.0 GHz, 256 MB)

Rack system (P4 2.8 GHz, 512 MB, 1U)

Licenses: Under 250 users, 250+ and ASP

Local and remote configuration file backup

Customizable interface with integrated Help

Annual Maintenance Contracts

3-Year Hardware Warranty (included)

Spam Filtering

Multi-User, Multi-Role Login

Over 800 customizable heuristic rules

Tiered Scoring Thresholds (customizable)

Real-time Blackhole Lists (RBL)

Auto Whitelisting and Custom lists

Bayesian Classification

Support for Razor, Pyzor and DCC

Content Filtering / Policy Management

Block text in email Header and Body

Block attachments

Support for wildcard and regular expressions

Global, Domain and User-level Policies

SMTP Management

Outbound email scanning

Outbound Signatures and Disclaimers

Anti-relay, plus Daemon/Message configuration

Multiple mail routes/domains

Bad Sender/Bad Recipient lists

SMTP Access Rules

Support for Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

Virus Scanning

Automatic virus signature updates

Attachment scanning

Multiple message handling options

 Logging, Reporting, Monitoring and Alerting


Management, “Quick” and System reports

Logging, detailed and “Quick” Search engine

Spam, Virus, Policy and Email reports

Per-Domain and per-user logs and reports

Trend, Performance and ROI charts

Fig. 2: Email Filtering

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Save Money, Improve Productivity and Document Your ROI with the DoubleCheck Email Manager 

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