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DoubleCheck Spam Virus Email Manager Gateway

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"Stop Email Spam and Viruses with DoubleCheck"

The DoubleCheck Email Manager™ is a gateway email appliance that checks every email for spam and viruses without requiring new server or desktop software.

Your organization can proactively manage email to improve productivity and reduce costs. User-friendly browser-based reports are easily generated from the extensive log file database.

Prevent Harmful, Offensive and Costly Email from Entering Inboxes

DoubleCheck stops messages before reaching your mail server and scores every message for spam based on leading anti-spam technologies.

All messages are scanned for viruses and malware, with updates being applied automatically every 15 minutes. Anti-spam, anti-virus and product feature updates happen automatically.

Improve Email System Reliability with Easy and Economical Operation

DoubleCheck protects your mail server from attack by blocking known spammers and your lists of bad senders and recipients. Significant processing is offloaded from the email server.

High ROI and low cost of ownership:

  • Reliable network appliance
  • Straightforward one-hour install
  • Simple user-based licensing
  • User-friendly Admin Console
  • Low-cost Maintenance Contract

Monitor and Document Email Use, Automatically add Signatures and Disclosures

With DoubleCheck, you can manage inbound and outbound email, plus add signatures/disclaimers to outbound mail. Track statistics for email traffic, spam, viruses, senders, recipients and more. Conduct searches to located messages and use the built-in ROI calculator.

The DoubleCheck Email Management Suite includes three products that filter spam and/or protect against viruses. A important feature of all products is the web-based, real-time reporting and monitoring that provides valuable information. Annual Maintenance Contracts provide software updates, phone support and hardware warranties.

DoubleCheck customers helped to confirm that the return on investment (ROI) from controlling spam and viruses regularly exceeds 100%. Submit our contact form or contact eFolder directly to set up a demonstration. Additional questions may be answered by viewing our FAQ or by contacting a DoubleCheck Reseller Partner.



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Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs and Enhance Business Intelligence

DoubleCheck’s primary benefit comes from significantly reducing the time wasted dealing with spam and viruses.

You save the time and costs of configuring, training and updating individual users and rules.

Top DoubleCheck Features

  • Increase employee productivity and security
  • High spam accuracy rate
  • Virus and malware scanning
  • Powerful logging and reporting
  • Install in less than 30 minutes
  • Configure settings by use
  • Ability to view filtered email
  • Add signatures and disclosures
  • Automate regulatory compliance


Satisfied Customers

“DoubleCheck saves us time and money. Spam and viruses are a major drain on productivity. With budgets as tight as they are, DoubleCheck is a smart investment on our part.”
- IS Director, County Government

"DoubleCheck is the thing we've purchased that worked well right out of the box. In 30 days we have not had it falsely deny a single thing!”
- Network Administrator, CPA Firm

“We have over 250,000 messages running through our DoubleCheck system every day. We are able to better serve our customers while saving time, bandwidth and storage.”
- Network Administrator, ISP



Save Money, Improve Productivity and Document Your ROI with the DoubleCheck Email Manager

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