Become an Authorized DoubleCheck Reseller (ADR)

IT VARs, Network Integrators and Consultants are eligible to become Authorized DoubleCheck Resellers after completing the following steps:

  1. Review the DoubleCheck website in detail.
  2. Submit the DoubleCheck Reseller Application form below.
  3. Review the Reseller program materials and submit the  Reseller Agreement.
  4. Purchase and install an in-house DoubleCheck NFR/demo unit. (optional)
  5. Select a DoubleCheck Sales Contact and a Technical Contact.
  6. Complete the online DoubleCheck Reseller Training.

Program Description

The DoubleCheck reseller program makes it easy and profitable for resellers to sell, order, install and support DoubleCheck products and services. We offer generous margins and do not control end-user pricing. Support may be handled and billed by the reseller or by eFolder.

Authorized DoubleCheck Reseller Application

Please complete the following application. You will be contacted once the application has been reviewed.

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